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The Best Way to Learn Spanish: The Proven Way to Improve your reading and listening skills


What’s the best way to learn Spanish? That may vary depending on the person and their learning style. However, I have learned two languages in my adulthood, so I have a pretty good idea of what it takes. In addition, I was a teacher of English as a second language for over eight years. So what I’m about to share here is based on some solid experience.

Learning a second language shouldn’t be stressful, inconvenient, or expensive. Language is a natural and beautiful tool that develops for people to communicate and share ideas, feelings, and everyday life together. It shouldn’t be inaccessible.

Once you choose a course, be sure to follow it through from beginning to end faithfully. Do not advance to the next lesson until you can say all the words and sentences taught with fluency and beauty.

While we all have one or two learning styles that work best with our thinking process, nearly everyone benefits from reinforcing the information they receive by practicing it in more than one way. So if you want to learn Spanish fast, you’ll want to choose a Spanish learning system that uses a variety of different tools and exercises to help you become as comfortable, fluent, and confident with the language as possible in a relatively short amount of time.

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Finally, you have to use the language. Some experts say that immersion is the best way to learn. I found that to be not true for me. I was immersed for several months while studying Spanish and several years while studying Chinese. Being immersed was not enough. You need to the two methods I mentioned above as well. None of these three will work well without the other two. They need to be used in together.

Goals. Choose a learning tool that is designed to help people like you. If you want to learn Spanish fast, choose a product that is designed with a fast track option. If you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, look for something that includes a list or book of the most common phrases.

And finally, look at the price. There are plenty of ways of learning Spanish online without breaking the bank. Find the right combination of these criteria for you, and you’ll speak Spanish in no time!

Learning Spanish in a classroom

Many people find the traditional classroom style of learning an attractive option because there’s a Spanish teacher who instructs the class of other like-minded individuals who want to learn Spanish as well. The fact that a class is set at a particular time and place and involves meeting other people is that it encourages you to attend and be part of a team. If you’re the type of person who finds it easier to learn as part of a group activity and like the idea of being able to socialize, the traditional classroom style of learning is more for you, helping to keep you learning Spanish at a steady pace and where all you have to learn is planned, organized and delivered to you. All you have to do is be there on time, learn and do the necessary homework.

Learning Spanish independently

When it comes to learning Spanish, going the independent study route can be another attractive option especially for those who have little time to attend Spanish courses that are classroom-based because of work or family commitments that dictate that your time tend to be too hectic and unpredictable to guarantee that you can attend classes at a specific time a week. The most common way and the best way to learn Spanish the independent way is by learning from Spanish language CDs that can be easily listened to in the car stereo or on a mp3 player when you’re on the move or waiting for the train or a period of time before you go to bed. The benefits of the independent study style of learning Spanish is that you can listen to the same chapter again and again; and you can stop the CD when you need to and start again when you can learning Spanish at your own pace; however, this method of learning requires you to discipline yourself so that you keep at it.

Learn Spanish through immersion

The immersion style of learning is getting to be a more popular option as people are traveling more and the desire to learn not only Spanish but the culture and in turn the country where the Spanish language originated. Immersion in the Spanish language usually involves living and possibly working in a Spanish-speaking country and learning Spanish through everyday interactions with native speakers. Of course, being able to watch Spanish television, Spanish soap operas and films will only help to strengthen your learning.

You need to find out which learning style is most effective for you to find out the best way for you to learn Spanish and there’s nothing wrong with combining the different methods or using other methods such as one-to-one tuition.

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The Right Way to Learn Spanish.

If you are reading this, you probably decided to study Spanish or seriously consider it. One of the most important things to remember when you go on your study trip is that it requires hard work and determination. Many people are looking for shortcuts or magical solutions that promise instant results or painless, easy training, but if your goal is to achieve fluency in the shortest time, then there is some progress in the steps that you need to perform.

Start from the very beginning

One of the biggest temptations for a new Spanish student is the desire to go straight into the conversation. Contrary to popular belief, even children do not! Studies show that long before they learn to form their first sentence, children are already learning to recognize nouns, verbs, and grammatical structures. Your first step in learning Spanish means learning grammar. This may seem attractive, like walking through broken glass, but if you put the time in the beginning to do this, it will save you a lot of time on the road and give you the opportunity to truly speak Spanish fluently.

Develop your vocabulary

Obviously, knowing grammar helps you a little if you do not know a single word that makes up the language. You must make a conscious effort to learn a few new Spanish words every day when you are working on grammar. There are many tools, books, and programs that will help you expand your vocabulary.

Do not underestimate the value of reading!

Because you are learning grammar and vocabulary, it is essential that you practice what you are learning. In the beginning, probably, the most important way to you is reading. Reading, writing, and speaking develop a variety of language skills, but in the early stages of learning the language, reading can be especially useful for consolidating your understanding of grammar and quickly expanding your vocabulary. Also, reading articles, comic books and novels can be done at any time and anywhere and does not require a partner!

After you master Spanish grammar and good vocabulary, that’s when the practice of communication will become more important for your development. If you take the time to lay the proper foundation of grammar and vocabulary, you will find that your listening and speaking skills will develop extremely quickly – much faster than someone who jumped straight into the study through conversation.

Do a little every day

The key to mastering any skill is consistency. If you spend time and effort learning the Spanish language daily, you will begin to see results in just a couple of months. You will feel the thrill of understanding the Spanish language and understanding it by the native speaker. Remember that the combination of reading, writing, speaking and just working with words every day is the best way to learn and retain your knowledge. Good luck on the way!


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