Spanish Lesson Online: How To Memorize Spanish When Taking Classes Online

Spanish Lesson Online

According to statistics, there are 406 million native Spanish speakers worldwide, making it one of the most important languages to learn in the business world. Learning a second language can be very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. Even more so when you are taking Spanish online lessons and you are not in a classroom environment with fellow students to bounce off. Here are some helpful hints and tips to assist you in speeding up your progress in memorizing the Spanish language.
Translation: If you are taking online Spanish lessons, chances are you are not going to be learning to say single words but sentences and paragraphs. The process of memorizing becomes much easier when the text that you are learning has a definite meaning to you. Start by translating the paragraph into your native language. Google translate is a fantastic tool to assist you with this. It would be even more ideal if you knew a bilingual Spanish speaker to go through it with you, not to worry if you don’t as there are plenty of helpful tools available.

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Check pronunciation: There are plenty of resources online that will teach you how to pronounce every word correctly. is one such resource. You can then record yourself with a dictaphone so that you can hear yourself and then make any adjustments if required.
Brute repetition: One of the most boring things that you will ever do; however, it is the key to effective memorizing. Repeat the sentences or paragraphs that you want to learn continuously for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Take 10 minute breaks in between and drink lots of water! If you are struggling with any of the words, go back to the audio and continue with the repetition until you get it right.
Test yourself: Try and write out the entire passage that you are learning without looking at it. Keep writing it until you can do so without making any mistakes. After you have written the paragraph once, check to see whether you have written it out correctly. Continuously looking at the passage will assist in it becoming embedded into your subconscious mind.
Flash cards: If you really want to solidify your learning create flash cards for each word. On one side of the card write the word in Spanish and on the other side of the card write the word in English.
For verb conjunctions create a separate set of cards, write the base verb and the definition on one side, and the six conjunctions on the other side. Repeatedly run through each set of flash cards and only stop once you have correctly identified all words multiple times.

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Learn song lyrics: Learning the lyrics to a song is perhaps one of the easiest ways of memorizing something. Song lyrics are typically catchy and fun making them easy to remember. This is especially helpful if you are an auditory learner as it will put the words into context and provide you with a new method of learning words through sound. This will assist you in accelerating through your Spanish online lessons.
Pictures: Create a specific mental picture to fit each word. If you are a visual learner this technique will be particularly beneficial for you. Each time you see the picture, you will think of the word.
Speak to Spanish people: You can spend all day practicing your Spanish at home, but if you don’t maintain speaking the language continuously, you are going to forget. If you don’t know any Spanish speaking people make friends with some online, social media makes this very easy. You can even locate a Spanish speaker who is interested in learning your language so that you can teach each other. The idea is that you are constantly engaging in conversation with Spanish people so that you are perfecting your pronunciation at the same time as retaining the language in your memory.
Final thought: These tips will assist you in your Spanish online lessons if you put them into practice. You don’t want to merely pass the class; you also want to become a fluent Spanish speaker to make you more marketable to potential employers. Bilingual Spanish speakers are in high demand on the job market; therefore, put in that extra effort and perfect the language.

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